How to Prepare for Class 12 CBSE Physics Exam 2023?

Class 12 Physics can be a challenging subject for some students, especially due to the broad syllabus covered in certain sections of the NCERT Class 12 Physics textbook. To improve their understanding and performance, students should establish a well-organised and structured study plan. The following are preparation tips and guidelines for the CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam to help students create an effective study plan. However, before utilising these tips, it is important to keep in mind these key points while preparing for the Physics board exam.

To excel on the Physics board exam, it is essential for students to thoroughly study the NCERT Class 12 Physics textbook, as it covers the entire syllabus. They should memorise important formulae and practise each derivation multiple times to save time during the exam. Additionally, the exam includes a mandatory question requiring students to draw a graph or device, so it is important to focus on key features to score well on this question. Students should solve the previous years’ Class 12 Physics chapterwise important questions within a time slot of 3 hours. This will prepare their body and mind for the actual examination.

To achieve high scores on the CBSE Class 12 Physics exam, students must prepare both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. The following tips for the year 2023 can aid in this preparation.

Class 12 Physics Board Exam Preparation Tips and Guidelines

Class 12 Physics Syllabus

An essential part of preparing for the CBSE Class 12 Physics exam is understanding the syllabus. This will help you create a study plan and effectively manage the material. It is important to note that all exam questions are drawn from the prescribed syllabus, so understanding it is a key tip for success on the exam.

Marking Scheme and Weightage

Being familiar with the exam’s marking scheme can aid in determining the best approach for studying a particular chapter. The marking scheme will provide insight into the types and number of questions that will be asked on the exam. This information can be used to develop a study strategy. Additionally, it’s important to understand the relative weight of each chapter in terms of marks.

Chapter-Wise Notes

NCERT books are an excellent resource to begin preparing for the exam. While studying, students should develop the habit of creating their own notes. This will help them create a set of study notes for each chapter, which will be useful during the exam. These notes allow for quick revision of concepts and emphasise important topics from the books. Regularly reviewing these notes will help to keep the information fresh in the student’s mind. With consistent note-taking practice, students will be able to recall Physics concepts by just glancing at their notes.

Study Plan

It is important for students to create a daily study schedule that allocates at least one hour to the Physics subject. When creating this schedule, they should take the time to evaluate their previous preparation and identify areas where they are weak and strong. This will assist them in prioritising their preparation for the board exam. The schedule should be time-bound and strictly followed, as it will help create a sense of urgency and increase the effectiveness in completing tasks.

Exam Preparation Strategy

Revision is crucial in Physics, as the subject involves many formulas and derivations in each unit. It’s recommended to revise completed chapters before moving on to new material to ensure a strong foundation in the subject, as the topics are interconnected. During the revision process, students should also review the syllabus to ensure that no topics have been overlooked.

The most effective way to assess one’s level of exam preparation is by solving various sample papers and question papers for Physics Class 12. After completing a paper, take the time to evaluate your performance. Review the answers and identify any mistakes made and how they can be corrected. Work on those areas to improve the overall performance in the Class 12 Physics board exams. If students have any doubts, they should seek clarification from their teacher.

Practice Makes Perfect

Regular practice is essential when preparing for the exam. Students should aim to solve at least six to seven previous years’ Physics Class 12 papers. This will help familiarise them with the exam pattern and the types of questions that will be asked. During the exam, students should use the time given to read the question paper to plan the order in which they will attempt the questions. It’s recommended to start with the 5-mark questions first.

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