User comparison of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout

Even though both jungle scout or helium 10 aim to assist a seller in completing a similar task, they clearly have different user interfaces and experiences. For instance, you will now see the new Home Dashboard when you first sign into Jungle Scout, which includes sales widgets to give you a quick snapshot of how your Amazon business performed over the previous 7 days.

When investigating your next product concept, you may rapidly select the parameters you’re looking for using the UI of Jungle Scout, which offers a wealth of useful filters. After you click search, the website is filled with hundreds of items that you can explore more. The Product Database will display the precise criteria you are looking for along with the net price, fees, and the choice to add to the Product Tracker in a single click as you scroll through the search results.

Top products are also displayed by Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder, and merchants may easily add them to the Product Tracker. To tell Black Box what kind of product you are looking for, you first begin by adding a few filters to the tool. Black Box will show you products that fit your precise criteria after you click the search button. By selecting the Edit Filters button, you can also apply more advanced filters.

Price Change%, Sales Year Over Year%, Variation Count, and Best Sales Period are a few additional filter options. A graph displaying the typical price and daily sales for that specific product will appear if you click on the price or the sales figure in Black Box.

Know about Keyword Scout

Advanced filters in Keyword Scout help you identify the keywords that will have the most influence on your listings and PPC campaigns. To improve your SEO approach and outperform your rivals, use the supplied filters. Users of Keyword Scout can save filters for upcoming searches. Viewing historical search volume statistics going back up to two years is another capability. In order to provide a complete picture of a keyword’s seasonality and popularity over time, Keyword Scout offers a graph.

Similar capabilities and filters are available in Helium 10 Magnet as they are in Keyword Scout. To find the precise keywords you’re looking for in your product listings, use the advanced filters. Magnet offers a historical search volume graph so you can see how popular a keyword has become over time.

Experience and knowledge: Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout

The first Amazon seller solution to hit the market was Jungle Scout, which was created by sellers for other sellers. Greg Mercer, the CEO and founder of Jungle Scout, is an eight-figure Amazon seller who founded the company to assist other business owners in creating prosperous enterprises and achieving financial independence on Amazon. He was named the Best Amazon Expert in The Seller Awards, has twice advanced to the finals of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition, and has twice been recognized as one of the Top 50 SaaS CEOs. Despite having a smaller staff overall, Helium 10’s product team appears to have made an investment in building a team of Amazon sellers and experts.

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