What are the different statistics available on the Amazon seller dashboard?

Do you like to know how Amazon seller is doing? Do you want to know their sales trends for the last two months? If yes, then read this article. You will learn what stats are available on the seller dashboard and how they will help your business. So, let’s start learning from the beginner. What are the different Amazon Statistics on Sellers dashboard?

Firstly, we need to have an account on Amazon. Then, go to the Seller Central dashboard; it can be found in Seller Central. Under the dashboard, click on Seller Analytics. It is the place where you will see most of the stats. Now, let’s discuss the stats which will tell us about the different things happening with our business.

1. Active Orders

This is the number of orders we received and still not shipped. You need to send as many orders as possible to get more sales.

2. Pending Orders

This is the number of orders we haven’t shipped yet. You need to send them as fast as possible to increase your sales.

3. Sold

This is the number of orders sold. You can notice how many of your products were sold. You can learn a lot from it. This is a good indicator of whether you should continue promoting your products or not.

4. Sales

This is the total amount of money you have made from your orders.

5. Shipments

The number of shipments you have made and still not fulfilled all orders. This is a good indicator that if you are making an extra effort to increase sales, you are getting your orders shipped faster.

6. Shipping Cost

It shows the shipping cost you have paid for this order. So, if you have lowered your shipping cost for shipping more orders, then your business will grow in the long run.

7. Fulfillment Time

If you don’t ship in time, you might face issues. So, make sure to send it as quickly as possible.

8. Sales Churn Rate

This is the number of orders that have been sold and not refunded. If it’s low, you should not worry about refunds because your customers might be satisfied with your products and services.

9. Sales Percentage

This is the total sales value in percentage compared to your total revenue. If it is higher than 90%, you are doing a great job.

10. Product Returns

These are the number of returned products to Amazon. If it’s high, then it can harm your business a lot. So, if you want to increase your business, it’s better to ship more orders and keep your return rate low.

11. Rejected Orders

This is the number of rejected orders, and we couldn’t ship them at all. This will lower your business a lot, so try to avoid it. Conclusion: That was all the stats available on the Amazon seller dashboard. Now, you know the different statistics available on the Amazon seller dashboard and how they will help you grow your business. Also, you know the problems that you need to avoid to grow your business. In addition, don’t forget to visit us frequently as we have many more tips for sellers.


In conclusion, the Amazon seller dashboard is a powerful tool that can understand your business’s performance on the platform. There are many different statistics available. Each seller’s responsibility is to know what they are looking at and how it will affect their business.

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