BBQs 2U Offers Free Cover and Charcoal with their MasterBuilt BBQ Purchase

BBQs 2u have wide range of BBQs from reputed and trustworthy BBQs suppliers like Napoleon, MasterBuilt, and Kamado Joe.

They have been providing unrivalled customer services and support through their deep knowledge of grilling and smoking. They have informative blogging page and social media platforms to provide tricks and tips for BBQs users.

BBQs 2u have high-quality of MasterBuilt BBQs and accessories to retail online. Whether it is a MasterBuilt Portable Charcoal Grill with cart or without, they provide free cover and charcoal with it at a discounted price as their spring offer.

If you are new to BBQ world, you may buy MasterBuilt Portable Charcoal Grill with cart at just £399.00 and get a free delivery.

This MasterBuilt grill includes a foldable and removable QuickCollapse™ cart to make folding quick and easy. It is an easy DIY to assemble the parts to start grilling at no time.

It also provides extra preparation space and beverage holder with two shelves for convenience. After cooking, you can close and move the grill with the Lockable Lid to avoid disposal of ashes on site.

The MasterBuilt Portable Charcoal Grill can be powered using the included cord set or four AA batteries, which has 6 hours of battery life. It is also light weighted for the ease of carrying it along with you.

It also features a charcoal MiniHopper™ which can hold 1.5lbs of briquettes or 1lb of small lump. You can cook up to 4 hours at your desired grilling temperature. You can also buy 7.25kg of MasterBuilt Lump Charcoal at just £18.91 to feed your unexpected guests.

MasterBuilt BBQs includes technologically innovative Gravity series to provide incredible outdoor cooking experience. These grills are equipped with digital controls and an LED display to make it easy to set and monitor the temperature.

The series includes MasterBuilt 560 BBQ, 800 BBQ, and 1050 BBQ, which are available in various packages with a minimum discount of 4.44%.

MasterBuilt Gravity Series working mechanism has three simple and easy stages. Firstly, fill the GravityFed™ charcoal hopper with briquettes or lump charcoal without the need to open the lid.

Next, ignite the charcoal with firelighters. Finally, you can set the temperature on the digital control panel or from your smart devices. This allows the DigitalFan™ to operate at a specific speed to obtain and maintain the desired grilling temperature.

The GravityFed™ holds charcoal to cook up to 8 hours of continuous cooking and ensures constant fuel supply to the grill. The MasterBuilt – Gravity Series 1050 are priced at £999.00 and are made of durable and high-quality steel.

It has grates made of rust-resistant and chrome-plated steel, which is rust-resistant and easy to clean. BBQs 2u provide Loyalty programmes to convert your purchase into points and redeem them on your future purchases.

Being their family business in the UK, they are the BBQs experts and have acquired intense knowledge of grilling to provide the best personal customer service possible on their supplies.

BBQs 2u is specialized to provide next day shipping and order tacking facilities for your convenient.

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